Are you an artist trying to make a profitable living, but not earning enough?

Get access to the money and recognition that is there for the taking in a 67 billion dollar industry...

The Scale Your Skill System™ is a powerful, 9 step formula and digital asset bundle with personal 8 week coaching designed specifically for artists to build a DREAM creative business!


If you’re an artist, creator or maker looking to 10X then you know you need to change what you're doing right now. 

Your frustrations are:

  • You have an amazing skill, but are completely discouraged when you see others with LESS skill gaining market share.
  • You don't have a team of people working for you to churn out marketing content so you sacrifice valuable creating time to set up ads and post to your social media.
  • You're doubting your ability to even do the "creative biz entrepreneur" thing because frankly, you can't wear all the hats.


Hi, I'm Paula Soito.

I teach creatives, artists and makers the exact methods to becoming a powerhouse biz with breakthroughs that result in a huge jump in profits, recognition and impact.

As CEO of artsrow.com, an international journalist and top awarded partner working with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell BrunsonI have the only business system in the world right now that's designed specifically for the artist. I teach you how to create huge impact and profit while running an art business without a team, deep pockets or even a ton of “know-how”.



To One of These


"I am an expert in my genre and I have work out there in the market, but I'm not selling enough."


"I'm procrastinating because I don’t know where to start. I’m so overwhelmed with all the moving parts, that I struggle to make progress in my tiny business at all."





Whether you're running a successful creative business right now or struggling to keep it afloat, having it FULLY set up can: 


Having it set up correctly with the same systems and methods big businesses use, your perceived value and authority increases and gets transferred to your work. Thus, you can demand higher prices.


A professional creative business properly showcases your work and talent in such a way that it creates authority in your niche. 


Having your branding, marketing and sales systems and methods in place raises your credibility bringing with it those who would like you to be in partnerships, collaborations, shows, events and a whole world of new opportunities.


I know what you are thinking...

"I know all of this already, but that doesn't mean I can figure it out and get it to work for me!"


Many creatives feel like they KNOW what they need to do logically, but get lost in the "how to". 
That's because building a business can overwhelm and confuse the best of the best.

In truth, there are many things you probably don't know you can be doing.

What you need is to accomplish it fully, quickly and painlessly.


We'll build out a professional creative business that properly showcases your talent so that you're established as an authority in your niche with marketing and sales methods securely in place. 







Run a powerhouse creative biz? Awesome!





Well, like you, I hate to waste time, so you won't get junk or filler from me. 


In a nutshell, I'm here to solve this huge problem for creatives right now (actually, several huge problems).



The internet is amazing, but massive market flooding makes you feel like you're drowning in a sea of creators


To scale bigger, you need something more, but don't know exactly what it is or where to begin even if you did


You know marketing is a must, but wonder if it's helping your sales enough to warrant the time investment


The "struggle is real" scenario continues to  haunt you as sales stay stagnant or go up and down

Let's Put An End To This...



There IS A WAY to set up your business with reasonable assurance that you will sell much more than you are now (because who wants to create works that don't move?)

You WILL MAKE CHANGES starting the very first day (because you're done waiting for big shifts to occur?)

There IS A WAY to push through procrastination and get things up and running and SET (because enough is enough!)



So, with that said, you wanna know a secret that few people know?


The process of transforming your creative business isn't hard.

It’s simply a step-by-step formula that I can walk you through.

In fact, there are THREE GOLDEN RULES OF CREATIVE BUSINESS to help build your powerhouse biz.


1. You need the right combination of features + systems to become irresistible. 

2. You need a launch plan designed specifically for creatives (something almost no artists know about or use yet.)  

3. Your message must communicate value on every one of the levels and touch points (and each is very important).


Combine these with everything I teach you in my modules and it's the winning combo!

In short, there's so much more to your skill than meets the eye and we can get you to the next level!


I'd love to tell you right now about the 100% simple, straight forward solution I’ve created that can be implemented to accelerate your profits! 





The best way to build  an art business so you can find the freedom and impact you deserve.



Scale Your Skill System™ leads you step-by-step through 9 Levels of Creative Biz Building.


Go from spin cycle to win cycle where you're fully set up and running a healthy, impactful business that puts more time on your clock and money in your bank account.

The 3 Stages of the 9 Step System

Patron, Product and Profit... go from feeling lost in an overcrowded market to selling your clearly unique and highly desired talent. Plus, no more binge learning. Let's build a business that brings impact and profit without overwhelm.


In Level One we'll create a bullseye perfect buyer: 

  • know your buyers better than your competition
  • learn to use SEO recon to track them down
  • build the perfect offer to attract them like clockwork 

In Stage 1, you will complete the:

  • Step 1: Perfect Patron Planner 
  • Step 2: Drill Down Evaluator
  • Step 3: Million Dollar Method

You may have done things in the past to improve, but this is different (and will actually work).

In Stage 2: Product, you’ll work to make a Skills Package that perfectly highlights your talent and products. Once we're finished with this stage, you’ll be able to communicate your value with clear precision

You'll learn how to set your talent apart from others in the marketplace using horizontal and vertical differentiation and WHY these are important.

You'll begin to shine like never before.

In Stage 2, you will complete your:

  • Spotlight Template 
  • Bullseye Brander
  • Marketing Maximizer

With these steps completed, you won't worry anymore about attracting customers because you'll be offering work that's highly specific and targeted to the right audience.

Here's where you’ll create your Marketing and Sales Systems. You’ll walk away with it DONE. 

One hurdle when it comes to creative works is relaying value. Some of your value is immediately understood, but there’s much more to be communicated!

With the right profit system designed specifically for creativesyou increase value and irresistibility exponentially.

This is where Stage 3 seals the deal.

You’ll learn to market the same way ALL BUSINESSES on the planet do, BUT in a way that's specifically designed for your type of creative product or service.

Together we’ll complete your:

  • Content to Profit Funnel
  • Sales Trigger Template
  • Retarget Roadmap

Stage 3 is all about perfecting your marketing and sales methods.


A SHORTCUT is an alternative route that saves time and effort. That said, I'm front loading each of the 3 Stages with bonuses that make all of this wayyyy easier!

You'll know how to create a income from your skill that can run using the same systems some of my big business connections use (I've taken them WITH PERMISSION and adapted them for artists! - something not offered anywhere else)

Scale Your Skill System™ is the ONLY program of its kind that uses…


The Three Golden Rules of Creative Business


1. Big Biz Features and Systems


2. A Launch Plan Designed for Artists (Specifically)


3. Value Communication at Each of the 3 Stages


So, if you’re ready to finally grow bigger, nail your marketing and increase sales all so you can grow a highly profitable art business while avoiding the overwhelm...


Here's how I'll help you get there:


Module 1

Your Perfect Patron

In this module, we’ll walk through the first 3 steps of the system. I’ll show you how to create a winning combination of nailing the perfect patron, finding them and setting up your Million Dollar Message. You'll never struggle with wondering how to create a solid business that attracts the right people again. 

Module Highlights:

In this module you'll go through the first 3 steps with the Patron Planner, Brand Builder and Million Dollar Message of the Scale Your Skill System™. 


Module 2

Product Positioning

In this module, you'll learn exactly how to differentiate based on horizontal and vertical differentiation and The 4 Key Skill Elements formula. I’ll show you how to package it all up with a beautiful bow so that you become irresistible to your buyers and fans. 

Module Highlights:

In this module, you're crafting your business "package". It's a process that uses specific methods to highlight your talent and gets it all wrapped up with a beautiful bow: 

  • Buyers and fans will become crystal clear on how your skill differs from all others in the marketplace
  • You'll have an offer that sets you apart and clearly states your benefits within your niche 
  • You'll be able to communicate your skill value with precision


Module 3

Mastering Your Profits

In this module, you’ll work to make your Marketing and Sales AS GOOD as the your brand and your work. That means setting up your systems, automating, nailing your funnel, and delivery platforms. I’ll show you how to create a winning combination of features based on studies of hundreds of other successful artists and entrepreneurs.

Module Highlights:

By the end of this module you’ll learn to market the same way ALL BUSINESSES on the planet do, BUT in a way that's specifically designed for your type of creative product or service.

  • Your unique creative marketing plan
  • Your personal launch system 
  • Testimonials - a highly ethical and effective technique that results in profit boosts!


(That Starts After We've Begun Coaching Sessions!)

I promise you CAN do this. But the best part is... you don’t even have to believe me!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Scale Your Skill System™ after 14 days (which gives you access to two Modules, bonuses, your membership area, audio files, videos, downloads and our private group), my team and I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 14 days to explore materials and experience the vibe of The Scale Your Skill System course and then...make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What creatives have asked before signing up for Scale Your Skill System™

Scale Your Skill System™ is designed specifically for anyone who uses their own skill to create handcrafted, designed or digital works.

Glad you asked!

Scale Your Skill System is a comprehensive biz building group coaching program that walks you through our exclusive 9 Step Formula of building and running a stellar business if you're an artist and you run your business by yourself.

I'm uniquely qualified to teach to you because I'm the CEO of my own arts company, I'm a partner of top business people of today and able to access the best business methods which I've altered to specifically work for the creative, I've taught for 27 years and I am an internationally published arts writer.

For more details:

I've had the privilege of gaining access to the tools and systems that a few of the greatest business people currently walking the planet are using right now. I worked with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson for their Knowledge Broker Business.

Through that, I became one of only two women (Jenna Kutcher was the other) awarded as a top partner in 2019 at their Las Vegas Mastermind Awards Ceremony.

I have experience being an international arts journalist published in both LENS magazine and Art Market Magazine (for which I'm a regular contributor) which is distributed to Barnes & Noble and to universities around the world.

I've also created and run my own American art marketplace, Arts Row, Inc. It was bootstrapped and I learned to do everything A to Z by myself.

With my unique experience of BOTH the art world and the business world, I'm able to give you special guidance specifically designed for artists, makers and creatives.

Oh, and I'm an expert at delivering information in a way that results in mastery.

My hope is that you trust me and allow me to be your guide.

I've designed this course to be supported not only through great step-by-step instruction, but also through lifetime access that allows you to take as much time as you need.

In addition, you will have support through email and our private Facebook community. 

So, as a paying member to our group you get 24 hour access to the ALL of the module lessons, videos, audios and downloads. 

Access everything from your member dashboard, talk with others in our group and check in with us too.

Finally, I'll be doing LIVE's inside our private FB group that will be recorded and archived to the SYS member's area.

So, no worries my friend! You can take all the time you need to get through everything. 


A lot of creatives haven't had training in running a business. And every business takes a plan, systems and methods to run well, especially if you want to grow. 

In order for your business to come together in a strong, sustainable way, you have to know how to set it up, what tasks to do, and how to do them effectively, what to automate and what to delegate all in order to PROFIT FROM YOUR TALENT.

Artists can struggle to run their business because they must ALSO spend time creating which leaves little time left to nail down the rest. 

That's where Scale Your Skill System comes in to help you set it all up once and for all so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Without it, you run the risk of floundering, never mastering the inner workings of your business. And we can't have that!


You certainly can. :) That's what many people choose to do.

However, in this course, we're applying unique blueprints that have never been applied in this way to creative businesses.

And even though books are highly recommended (I'm a book lover myself), they can't facilitate your learning or offer the same support, guidance, encouragement, or personal help that a real-life teacher and community can.

Books are great for gaining new understanding, getting those "aha moments" or applying tips.

But there's something extraordinary about coming together with others like yourself and walking side-by-side through a sequential course and unique system where every resource is kept neatly in modules and available to you forever (even when it's updated with new information)

It's simple!

You get Module 1 the very first day, as well as the downloads, audio and video for Module 1 and the bonus, "Lean (Art) Startup Canvas" exclusively available to SYS members only.

You can expect to get access to each Module and upcoming materials and bonuses in the following days and weeks throughout the 8 week course and coaching.

Oh! And you get instant access into our private FB group once you sign up!

No problem, friend!

Look, I've taught for a very long time and have some amazing things to share from my business "insider" connections, but I also understand that we're not always the perfect fit... although I would miss you, I'm pretty certain! ;)

If for any reason you don't like what you've purchased, my team and I are happy to refund your money.

Because the LAST thing I want for you is to have you be unhappy. My goal is the opposite! I want you feeling empowered, bullet-proof and ready to take on the world!

So, I am ready to take care of you if need be. 

Woo Hoo... yes!

You get the full set of Scale Your Skill System modules plus bonuses that guide you step-by-step through business revamp or startup. And we'll be starting this together during the kickoff of the course! There are also recordings and downloads and resources inside the course member area!

Along with the VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS, AUDIO FILES, and PDF's in the form of worksheets, cheatsheets, calendar and guidebook, you have 24/7 access to email support and our FB Group.

You get:

1. Lifetime access to the WHOLE course + materials (so you can go at a pace that is comfortable for you),

2. Access to our Members Only Private FB Group,

3. Exclusive email support and

4. Scale Your Skill community support.

Sounds awesome, right? I hope so! I've worked really hard to go above and beyond for the cost.

Take a look below to get the bullet points for everything in this Master Course -Scale Your Skill System™


Here’s what you’re getting

when you enroll today:

Scale Your Skill System™ - $4,995 Value

  1. (BONUS) The Lean (Art) Startup Business Canvas - 99$ Value
  2. (BONUS) How to Set Up and Run a Workshop in 30 Days - 99$ Value
  3. (BONUS) 23 Easy Ways For Creatives to Use a Virtual Assistant (with detailed examples for each one) - 99$ Value


Course Modules:

* Module 1: Patron - Steps 1, 2, 3 (Valued at $497)

​* Module 2: Product - Steps 4, 5, 6 (Valued at $497)

​* Module 3: Profit  - Steps 7, 8, 9 (Valued at $497)

* Private FB Group + Email Support ($197)

* 8 Weeks of Group Coaching ($1097)

* Live Weekly Q&As for the Scale Your Skill 9 Step Formula ($799)

* Full Lifetime Access to Scale Your Skill System Assets, Videos, Downloads (and future updates) ($1,397)


When you add it all up, that’s a

TOTAL VALUE of $4,995


Enroll today to get lifetime access to all for much less (while offer lasts):

NOTE: Course price will increase to full price in future open enrollments.

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

SAVE with ONE Payment



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Scale Your Skill System is PERFECT for you if…


  1. You're a creative who’s just getting started and wants to do it right
  2. You're already established, but struggling and want to fix it once and for all
  3. You've searched for help to get it all put together, but haven't found it even though you're willing to put in the work
  4. You're already investing 20 hrs/week actively trying to run and/or grow your business
  5. You're afraid your UVP will continue to go unnoticed and you're losing faith in its ability to provide the income you'd hoped for 
  6. You're aware you have work to do to get where you want to be in business and you're ready to start
  7. You're open for help, and willing to support others 



If you can relate to these common scenarios, then you can use your unique skill to create a powerhouse business using Scale Your Skill System™ and take yourself to market with reasonable assurance that you will wow fans and buyers immediately!



If you decide to enroll today, here is what you get lifetime access to:

Scale Your Skill System™ - $5,600 Value

* (BONUS) The Lean (Art) Startup Business Canvas - 99$ Value

* (BONUS) How to Set Up and Run a Mini Course (Teaching Your Skill) in 30 Days - 99$ Value

* (BONUS) 23 Easy Ways For Creatives to Use a Virtual Assistant (with detailed examples for each one) - 99$ Value

Bonus Value: $297


All Modules, our Private FB Group and Dedicated Support:

* ALL Scale Your Skill Modules,

Coaching & Assets: Value: $4,499

* Private FB Group + Email Support Value: $199


When added together, the total value is: $4,995


If you'd like to enroll now, you can have lifetime access for much less (while offer lasts):

NOTE: Course price will increase to full price in future open enrollments.

Payment Monthly

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Payment Upfront

One Payment of



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